Michelle Rayburn is looking for authors to be part of a book project with Faith Creativity Life Books.


Life in the Estrogen-Free Zone

Humor and Heartfelt Wisdom from Boy Moms

Target Reader:

Moms raising boys from birth to young adult. They're looking for camaraderie and support from others who get it. A boy mom is a mother to one or more boys. Yes, it often applies to moms who have only sons. But any mother with at least one son knows the unique challenges and blessings of raising boys. She is a boy mom.

Theme and Purpose:

This book will contain encouragement from one mom to another, drawn from personal stories and focused on showing other boy moms they are not alone. It will include content that breaks away from stereotypes to show that boys come in all personalities and interests.

Stories in this compilation are true and inspirational—from ordinary moms finding joy in both the messy stuff and the organized moments of raising boys.

Faith is a key thread, but stories are not preachy. They should not be a study of Bible text, not devotionals, and not chapters in a parenting manual. Instead, they should draw the reader in with a conversational storytelling style that feels like a chat over coffee. Humor that flows naturally is a big plus to engage the reader, but only if it isn’t cheesy or contrived.

U.S. authors only.

Deadline for submissions is April 30, 2023. However, earlier is better! We will cut off submissions early if all slots are filled. Absolutely NO late submissions.

Next Steps:

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Estrogen-Free Zone Compilation Writer's Guidelines

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Announcements and Updates

Watch for announcements to come about the book and launch, the forthcoming contributor Facebook group, and more!

About the editor of this project: 

Michelle Rayburn is a successful indie author and is a copyeditor, cover designer, and typesetter for other authors. She has won multiple awards for her books. Life Repurposed, the first compilation she published in 2021, received an honorable mention in 2022 for the inspirational gift book of the year in the AWSA Golden Scroll Awards.


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Writing opportunity! Call for submissions: seeking articles for a Christian compilation book called "Life in the Estrogen-Free Zone: Humor and Heartfelt Wisdom from Boy Moms." For more info, see