Michelle Rayburn is looking for authors to be part of a book project with Faith Creativity Life Books.


Life, Repurposed: Stories of Grace, Hope, and Restored Faith

Target Reader: Women ages 30-45 who believe their struggles are too big for God to fix or too hopeless for them to navigate past. This isn’t only for believers; it’s also for people exploring faith or struggling to believe.

Theme: The thread that ties everything together is how God turns trash into treasure. Borrowing from the popular trends of decorating with vintage junk, our stories show that flawed people can be used by God and that his power is made perfect in weakness.

Premise and Purpose: This will focus on stories of everyday people where God’s renovation is demonstrated in their before and after stories. These aren’t necessarily dramatic, but they could be. Think more of how God changed an attitude or a circumstance in a way that helped you to mature spiritually, develop deeper faith, or discover a new purpose. Your journey can inspire others. Stories feature how our imperfections and struggles are part of how we learn and grow. The change in us points other people toward God and encourages hope. This is not a devotional but a Christian living book. It isn’t a Bible study either.

The purpose of this book is to showcase how grace breaks the bonds of shame and regret and to help people discover joy in the middle of their own trials. Rather than featuring people who have it all together, it’s really about how God shows up in the mess and makes us into people who look more like Jesus. Faith is a key thread, but stories shouldn’t be preachy. Instead, they should draw the reader in and feel like a chat over coffee, and gently bring them to a point of application to the reader’s life.

Details (download guidelines on the image link below for full details): First-person true stories of 1300­–1900 words (includes the discussion questions) plus an additional bio of 50-75 words. (Please, no ghostwritten stories or as told to.)

Submissions: Check the guidelines for where to email submissions. Please use only the specified email address.

Tentative Timeline (download guidelines below for full details): Deadline for submission is January 8, 2021. Earlier is better! We will cut off submissions early if all slots are filled.

Rights and publishing: See guidelines for details.

Compensation: Each contributor will receive 5 print copies to sell or give away. Contributors will also have the ability to place orders for cartons of books at a wholesale price of 50% off the cover price plus actual shipping costs. See guidelines below for additional benefits.

Next Steps:

  • Download the full guidelines below for more info, and to learn how to submit your work for consideration.
  • Download the Word document template for an example of how to set up your document.
  • Share the opportunity with a friend (copy and paste):

Writing opportunity! Call for submissions: seeking articles for a Christian compilation for women called "Life Repurposed: Stories of Grace, Hope, and Restored Faith." For more info, see

Download guidelines, template, and ad sample from these image links:

There may be opportunities for some of the authors in the book to be interviewed by Michelle Rayburn on the Life, Repurposed podcast.

Sample topics:

  • Finding hope after experiencing a traumatic childhood.
  • How God renovated your real-life mess.
  • God showed up in a medical challenged and gave you hope and strengthened your faith.
  • You doubted and wandered, but God’s love brought you back.
  • You processed through the junk heap of discouragement and then discovered God’s plan B was even better.
  • Your journey of finding healing after intense grief has given you new purpose.
  • The way you accepted a new norm and moved forward after loss, chronic illness, etc. has given you a new ministry.
  • God used financial challenges to teach you how to trust him to provide.
  • You were once bitter but found pleasure in little things when life changed.
  • Your flaws and “scars” are beautiful because God’s grace covers them with the perfection of Jesus.
  • You’ve discovered unexpected blessings in the midst of your life challenges.
  • God renovated your mindset and showed you a different path that included joy.
  • Your faith was restored because of something you never expected.
  • You reclaimed hope when you thought it was gone forever.
  • Something needed to be refurbished in your life in order to find peace.

Promotional Opportunity: Contributors have the option of purchasing a full-page ad for $50 featuring a cover image of one of their books (or a collage of a couple). See the sample ad link above and details in the guidelines. 

Supporting a Cause:

10% of the royalties from the Amazon sales of the book (print and eBook) will be donated to Destiny Rescue, an organization that is committed to rescuing kids from sexual exploitation and helping them stay free. Track our progress here:

Announcements and Updates

Watch for announcements to come about the book and launch, the forthcoming Facebook group, and more!