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Transformation Tuesday

It’s winter, and even though I’m not pregnant, nor do I ever plan to be again, I think I’m nesting. It’s cloudy outside. We get snow nearly every day. So, I’ve be puttering around the house cleaning this and sorting that. I gave the built-in hutch a fresh coat of poly since I had run out and didn’t give it enough way back when. I’ve organized my office, polished up the kitchen, and tossed a bunch of stuff. I promise, I kept my husband and teens!

This week, I realized that the counter top that I so painstakingly faux finished in the built-in hutch has just become an area to collect junk. Bills, mail, batteries (not sure why dead batteries keep turning up there like dead beetles or flies) scraps of paper, CD’s, phone books, and dust. So I decided to make it functional. 

It’s always been too dark for a buffet, but a trip to Menards (local home improvement store) and $24.95 later, I think it’s super duper! It’s the perfect Transformation Tuesday feature.  I installed a kit with 5 puck lights and it didn’t take long. Yes, I did it by myself!

Check out these pictures and then tell me what transformation you’ve done lately in the Linky section below. Did you make over a room, a T2T piece of furniture? Did you make over your schedule? Or your file system? Did  you lose a few pounds? Tell us about your transformation and post a link to your blog post.

I still need to tack the wires up with the special little doohickeys made for that. Just didn’t have any on hand right now.

Yep, that counter is fake. It’s all paint and poly. See the transformation here.
Here’s a closeup of a puck light. They can be recessed (which involves drilling LARGE holes for the light so that it can sit up under the counter) or they can be surface mounted (which is what I did because I didn’t feel destructive enough to drill huge holes).


Trash to Treasure Decorating
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  1. They look great! We just installed some two days ago. I have been sooo lazy about blogging. I have no time. Did anyone see where my time went? Maybe this post is my inspiration to take some pics and show off my under cabinet lights too.

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