Shoppers, What Would You Do

Last week on WWYD Wednesday, I asked what you would do with a “practice bomb” that I saw at an antiques store. I liked Sam‘s idea of leaving it as it was, but I also think it would be fun to make it into something like a floor lamp or a plant stand. Imagine it with a big Boston fern on top, or a funky lamp shade. It’s about 4 feet tall, so it has great possibility! Strange, but fun. And wouldn’t it be terrific as a lamp in a room with the airplane propellers from a previous WWYD post.

This week, I want you to imagine you’re walking through an antiques shop and you see this display. What jumps out at you and what would you do with it?

How to Participate 
  1. You leave your idea(s) below in the comments, and next week I’ll name a winning idea.
  2. Add a link to your blog or a specific post if you’d like us to check out your site or if you want us to see an example of your great idea.


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