She Touched Me Last

My grandma Ruby went to be with Jesus this morning. We had a little game that we always played. We called it “Touched You Last”. Whenever we’d say goodbye, we try to touch the other last. As she got older, it wasn’t too difficult for me to win the game by touching her and running away to hop in the car. When we saw each other last just weeks ago, she chased me in her wheelchair and I let her win. She touched me last.

When I think about it, it wasn’t just with her hands that she touched me last. She touched me with her faith and her love and that imprint will stay with me forever. I’ll never forget how she supported my dream of being a writer or how eager she was to hear about our ministry at camp. I loved having discussions about faith with her. She reminded me often that she prayed for our family on Thursdays. She had a long list of loved ones for whom she prayed and she divided that list into days of the week.

I’m so thankful my children have had 16 and 18 years of knowing their great-grandma. She’s touched them too. I’ll miss her, but I’m grateful that God took her home without a long time of suffering.

Think about how many people we have the opportunity to touch. Whether we realize it or not, our influence matters to someone else. l don’t want any opportunity to go to waste.

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