Review- The Telling by Beverly Lewis

I just finished reading “The Telling” by Beverly Lewis. It’s book #3 in the Seasons of Grace series, and I believe it’s the last in the series. I must admit, I’ve been disappointed with this series in that, Beverly Lewis has grown much more predictable in her writing. I had the ending of this book figured out already in the last book, but being the way I am, I was compelled to read it all to see if I was correct. So, I checked out new release at my library.
As great as she is with her mechanics of writing, Lewis just doesn’t challenge me much as a reader. She does a great job with research, but I think she’s lost her touch when it comes to building suspense, weaving unexpected twists into the plot, and gripping the reader. 
On the plus side, this book is a wonderful example of grace and making peace with the past. Readers will be touched by the message of the book, if anything. 
All told, “The Telling” doesn’t rank up there with my favorite reads. How about you? Have you read the book. Have you been a Beverly Lewis follower all along? I’d love to hear your impression of this latest series. Add your comments below and tell us what you think.
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