Review: Chronological Guide to the Bible

Today, I want to share a new resource with you that I highly recommend. I you’re looking for a way to expand your Bible study and give you a historical perspective on the Bible, you’ll love this book!
Book Review
Chronological Guide to The Bible
Reading the Bible in chronological order of when events happened versus reading it in the canonical order can give the reader a new perspective on scripture. But it can be difficult to find a chronological Bible with just the right features and in a preferred translation. Some include commentary, others don’t.  Enter the Chronological Guide to the Bible: Explore God’s Word in Historical Order. It’s a guide written by 13 contributors that can be used with any translation of the Bible.

 The authors are clear in acknowledging that there are other possible arrangements to the chronological order of the Bible since some books do not give enough information to determine exactly when they were written. In a chronological Bible, the books are rearranged for reading cover to cover. This guide includes a reading guide with passages listed in order and it accompanies the readers’ own Bible. It includes little check boxes next to each passage in case the reader wants to read through the entire Bible in order or it can be used to read scripture from specific eras. The authors divide the Bible into nine epochs of time.

The book is attractive in full color with images on every other page. I’m impressed by the amount of information included. Each epoch section in the book includes a visual time line showing when events happened as well as a “time capsule” listing significant events. There is background story about books of the Bible that relate to the culture of the time. There are outlines of each book and commentary on main themes in each epoch that read like mini historical articles. The top of each page lists the historical century for each epoch, making it easy to find information. It’s packed with information and a fantastic resource for anyone who wants to study the Bible in more detail.The only thing I suggest could have been added to the book is a single page list of the chronological order for a quick checklist for reading. This would save the reader some searching through the book.

I received a free review copy of this book from Thomas Nelson publishers in exchange for my fair and honest review.  

For more information about this book, see the Thomas Nelson site.

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  1. A few years ago I read the Bible through in chronological order and it honestly changed my perception of the entire Old Testament and New.

    I'm excited to see this new resource out there and hope to get a chance to use it in the near future.

    Thanks Michelle for sharing.

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