Remodeling the Old

I can tell that I am back in school again as I haven’t had as much time to post on my blog again. Between the studying, I have been going up to work on the “new” house, if you can call a house from 1950 new. Actually, it is from 1950, 1970 something, and 1900 something. Unique, with old house charm, complete with old house headaches.

I have two bedrooms painted, floors sanded, trim and blinds up…ready for occupancy. I’m squeezing some homework in again this week before heading up to work on some more. In the meantime, I have to read another book this week and write two book reviews.

I think of this old house and the areas that need fixing. It is much like the people we meet in ministry. The paint and wallpaper were peeling, the floor had big gaps with cold air coming in and the olive green carpet was less than attractive, but somehow I knew it had great potential. We meet so many people through ministry who are a little rough on the outside, but God knows their potential. And just like my surprise hardwood floors under the worn green eyesore, sometimes we are surprised at what is just below the surface, beneath the veneer that life’s hardships places over people with great potential.

Great mentors know how to help people plug up the gaps where Satan’s lies creep in and threaten to steal the warmth that comes from God’s love. They know how to help people strip away the sense of worthlessness that clings like peeling wallpaper. They know how to apply fresh insights from God’s word that cover up the ugliness of the old self as God remodels them into new creatures.

Just as with an old house, the remaking of the man isn’t ever totally complete. There is always work to be done, but by the grace of the Holy Spirit, we see that no person is ever beyond hope.

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