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This series is all about the message of 2 Corinthians 5:17: Anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!



Series Info:

Each book in the REMADE series centers around lessons titled with words that begin with "re" and contains a main lesson and five "micro studies" for each week. Use as with a group or on your own over six weeks, twelve weeks, or as long as you'd like to take! Book one begins with the life and ministry of the apostle Paul. Low pressure for leaders. Created to let participants co-facilitate discussion.

Every book in the series features:

  • A combination of story and study with biblical exploration, humor, and insights from practical examples
  • A weekly main lesson for individual or group study
  • Five micro studies for personal growth during the week
  • Full Scripture passages included from the NLT for you to mark up
  • Additional insights in the sidebar
  • Solo work for journaling and prayer
  • Creative application and action ideas
  • A pleasant design with plenty of space to write notes


Renewed (Book 1)

Have you ever felt broken?

Jesus renews broken people and brings hope in the trashy stuff of life.

If you’re afraid to hope for restoration or wondering if God sees your struggle, this is the place to begin. Explore what it means to be renewed, to be changed in such a way that you can discover beauty in the brokenness, hope in the ashes.

Part of the four-part REMADE Bible study series, Renewed takes you through the life of the apostle Paul to discover how his encounter with Jesus radically transformed him. God redirected Paul past misguided religious passions to remake him into a humble encourager and sincere follower of Christ who wrote much of the New Testament. Start wherever you are, no matter your level of Bible knowledge.

This six-week study will help you

  • explore Paul’s story and some of his letters and apply principles of renewal to your own life,
  • search out biblical wisdom with thoughtful questions and honest reflection,
  • listen to what God is asking you to do next.

We may never know why life looks different than expected, but we can look for where God shows up in hard places. There we find grace, peace, and assurance amid the disappointment and questions.

Lesson themes:

Redeem | Restart | Repurpose | Revive | Rejoice | Repeat


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Hey friends, just wanted to recommend the ReMade Series by Michelle Rayburn for anyone looking for a great Bible study! I recently did the first book, Renewed, and it was amazing. Each week includes a main lesson and five micro studies, with plenty of space for journaling and prayer. If you're feeling broken or in need of renewal, this study is for you! #ReMadeSeries #BibleStudy #Renewal

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I just finished the Renewed Bible study from the ReMade Series and I have to say, it was life-changing. I learned so much about the apostle Paul and how God can renew us no matter what we've been through. The combination of story and study was really engaging, and the creative application ideas helped me apply the lessons to my own life. Highly recommend! #Renewed #BibleStudy #ReMadeSeries

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Hey everyone, I want to share about a new Bible study series from my friend Michelle Rayburn. The ReMade series just launched, and it's full of practical and insightful learning. The weekly lessons and micro studies can help you grow in your faith and discover new things about yourself and God. If you're looking for a Bible study to do on your own or with a group, check out Renewed, book one in the series! #ReMadeSeries #BibleStudy #Recommendation

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As someone who's always looking for ways to grow in my faith, I'm excited to share about Renewed, the first Bible study in the ReMade series. It's inspiring and thought-provoking. I love the combination of story and study and the practical application ideas. If you're looking for a Bible study that will challenge and encourage you, definitely check out this one from Michelle Rayburn! #Renewed #BibleStudy #FaithJourney

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Hey friends, just wanted to share my latest discovery with you all. I recently started the Renewed study from the ReMade Series, and it's been amazing. The weekly lessons and micro studies are so well-designed and thoughtful, and the additional insights in the sidebar really helped me understand the passages better. If you're looking for a Bible study that's both informative and engaging, give this new series from Michelle Rayburn a try! #ReMadeSeries #BibleStudy #FriendRecommendation