Reflections on Valentine’s Day

Going through my pictures, I was happy to find one of some bunnies that were in my yard last summer. It made me realize how much I miss the grass and warm sun on my face. But then as I looked at the photo, I also was reminded of how even bunnies need companions. I’m thankful that I’ve had my husband in my life for 25 years, but I’m also aware that today, on Valentine’s Day, there are others who aren’t so fortunate. 

Maybe they’ve never had someone to share this day with. Or maybe they’ve lost the special someone they once had. Either way, it’s an opportunity for me to pray for those who find this a difficult day, for those who long for a companion.

It’s also a day for those who are married to consider their relationships. Valentine’s Day for some is a day to expect gifts. But somewhere in 21 years of marriage, I decided to loosen up a little on my expectations, and it’s proven to be a wonderful thing in our relationship. We don’t make a big deal of Valentine’s Day. If we make a card or write a note, that’s great, but we don’t have expectations. Tonight, my husband made hamburgers and fries for me. That’s a perfect gift! And the other day at the store, I bought him some breaded cheese curds as a treat since I know he loves them. That’s it. That’s how we celebrated Valentine’s this year.

Now, I know there are some skeptics out there. I talked to one this weekend who says he doesn’t believe any woman who says she doesn’t want a gift. But the best gift I could ever receive isn’t found in a store. It’s the respectful way my husband treats me. That’s a gift. And it’s the way he does little things for me that tell me he cares, like folding my laundry when I’ve left it all over the bed and he wants to go to sleep. Or turning on my electric blanket for me before bedtime. Sometimes he tosses a Hershey’s kiss from his La-Z-Boy across to mine…he knows how I appreciate it when he shares his chocolate. Come to think of it, those bunnies remind me of chocolate bunnies…Honey, do you have any chocolate to spare tonight?

What did you do for Valentine’s? Do you like to go all out? Do you eat out? Or was this a difficult day for you? However you spent today, I hope you know that you are very much loved by your heavenly Father. 

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  1. LOVE the bunny pictures!! I'd enlarge and frame taht one :o) We just made a quick dash to Goodwill after supper, then Wal-mart for a much needed plunger and to Culver's for dessert. Not terribly romantic but it was time together. The trip was over an hour round trip which also gave us time to read aloud from the book we'd started.

  2. Valentine's Day is just a day the card companies and florist designated to get your money. Every day should be Valentine's Day. And what does my husband do every day for me? My cooking, my cleaning, and on Sundays, he pulls the sections out of the newspaper that he knows I read so that I don't have to wade through the whole thing. That is his weekly Valentine to me.

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