Recycling Bin Fragrance Warmer

I attended a home party recently where I purchased some squares of wax for melting in a plug-in device that runs on a 15 watt bulb. I have just one of the warmers and I’d like to spread the fragrance around a little bit, so I looked around the house for ways I could create my own. Yes, I know, I could purchase more from the company that sells the wax, but this is more adventuresome, and I wanted to see if I could upcycle something.

I found a tin can from baked beans and a clear jar in the recycling bin and then scrounged around a bit more. Here is what I came up with.

There you go.

Oh, you want to know how I made it? Of course! I would too if I were you.

First, I filled the bean can 3/4 full with water and put it in the freezer overnight. Then, I used a sharp wood screw and a hammer to puncture holes to make a design in the can. After getting going, I realized the benefit to having a pattern on paper or pre-drawn on the can as my freehand star was very misshapen. Lesson learned for next time.

Then, I let the ice in the can thaw in the sink while I prepped the rest of my project. Here’s how I made the inside of the warmer.

I’ve saved various jars from mayonnaise and other things to use for crafts. I also had several strings of Christmas lights on sale from last year. A short 20-light string is perfect for this project, so be on the lookout for good deals in the next few months.

I decided to frost the glass on the small jar. I used spraypaint made for this and just sprayed the inside of the jar and let it dry really well. Also notice the little candle cup in the photo? You can purchases these votive cups for 99 cents or less at any craft hobby store or in the candle or craft department at places like WalMart.

Once the jar was dry, I stuffed the lights inside, leaving a tail sticking out. Then I set the votive cup in the top. In the meantime, I dried off the tin can and spray painted it with ORB (oil rubbed bronze) finish from Krylon.

The lights put out enough heat to melt the wax and emit fragrance.

Now, I must issue a disclaimer. If you decide to make one of these at home, please remember that I’ve use all of these things in different ways than suggested by the manufacturer. Therefore, I cannot guarantee with certainty the safety of this design. Do not leave a warmer such as this plugged in an unattended overnight, just in case.


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