Recycled Windows Become Art

Over the summer, I worked on transforming some of my old windows into pieces of art. I had hoped to sell them in my Etsy Store, but once I found out that shipping on some of them was $70, I didn’t think anyone would care to purchase them. However, I’m hoping to take them to some local craft shops for consignment. And yes, I did check out both UPS and USPS for price estimates on shipping. The smaller ones could be shipped for under $30 but the bigger ones were a problem.

Using my Silhouette cutter (if you don’t have one, you must check them out) and some beautiful papers, these old windows are ready for display as artwork.

What do you think? Do you think there is a market for them?


Trash to Treasure Decorating
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  1. Yes, I am sure there is a market for them. I make them and sell them at a craft bazaar I do each year and they are usually the first things to go. I have never put the paper in them, I love the look it gives them. I usually just do the vinyl lettering in mine.
    Great Job!

  2. What type stencil cutter do you use? I am not familiar with any of these but have found I could use one for different projects I would like to do. Do they only use vinyl – is it self-adhesive? or do you cut a stencil and then use paint on projects?

  3. I have been painting on vintage windows for the last 4 years. Take a look at my Facebook page called Window Charm by Annalisa. I make most of my windows from requests and have sold them from $100 to $150. Please don't forget to click like when going to my FB page.

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