Recycled Repurposed Ladders

Last week, on WWYD I asked what you would do with an old ladder. So, I thought I’d devote a post to showing you  some great ideas for things to do with an old ladder. They aren’t my ideas, so check out the sites and links I’ve provided and stop by and tell the original poster how much you like their idea.
The first idea comes from Remodelista. Isn’t this pot rack totally cool? Now I wish I had one.
Photo from Remodelista site
Or how about this one from a Woman’s Day article? Yep, I’m jealous of that one too. You think my husband would miss his ladder? Would he notice if it was hanging on the kitchen ceiling?
Bernadette even gives instructions in the article for how to make your own pot rack from a ladder.
There are other ways to use an old ladder. How about a book shelf? Yeah, I know. I couldn’t envision it either, until I saw this article from Ette Studios. 
I’m not sure if she borrowed the photo or if it is her own, but Bridgette doesn’t say. Either way, it’s a great idea. You’ll find another bookshelf type idea at Mother Earth News where two identical ladders are used with planks between. 
On A Rustic Garden Blog, blog author Susan Ingram has several ladder ideas including this photo display shelf.
You’ll want to check out ivillage Garden Web for a whole forum on ladder ideas. This one is on that site:
 Photo from ivillage
Funky Junk Interiors is one of my favorite sites for trash to treasure ideas. They have this sweet ladder. It stands on the kitchen island to hold a light.
They also have this towel bar idea:
I could see using a ladder hung horizontally for a faux headboard for a bed. Or suspended from the ceiling and draped with gauzy fabric to create a canopy. It might make a plant holder or a magazine rack. It could become an outdoor trellis. The possibilities keep unfolding!
I’m hoping MckLinky will be back up and running tomorrow so I can post WWYD Wednesday. In the meantime, I’ll see you ladder. I mean, later.

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  1. What clever ideas. That is such a gift to think outside the box. I have a friend who uses the suspended ladder to hang pots. She did it to disguise noticeable repaired ceiling damage. Thanks for the great ideas.

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