Recycled Art With Door Knobs

I came up with this project when I was looking through some odds and ends stored in my craft supply closet. I had a 2-foot section of wallpaper left from my kitchen. (Yes, I know, it’s really country. Don’t tune out now if you hate country. You can use whatever wallpaper fits your taste.) I don’t have the step-by-step assembly, but I did take it apart again so that you could see all of the elements.
Frame 5  Frame 4
In my supply stash, I had a box of door knobs that were taken from my grandparents’ house when it they were tearing it down. For sentimental reasons, my sister scavenged them all for us.
Among the goodies, I found a rustic barn frame that I had purchased for something else and never used. An idea began to take shape and I looked through my stack of matt board (all free from Hobby Lobby’s scrap pile).
First, I had my husband help me attach the door knobs to the bottom front of the picture frame. Then cut the matt board to size and I wrapped the scrap of leftover wallpaper around the piece of matt board. You can affix it with rubber cement, wallpaper paste or glue stick. Or you can just pull it tight and tape it on the back.Frame 2Frame 3   Then I slid the matt board with the wallpaper into the frame. If you have multiple pieces of matt board and leftover wallpaper, you could make seasonal pictures and change them out periodically.
Frame 6

As you can see, in my hurry to get it reassembled and back on the wall. I may have missed a tack in the upper right corner that holds the matt board in. But you get the idea.
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  1. Michelle, This is a really good idea. I love the use of the knobs that are sentimental to you. Also, being able to change the picture makes this so creative.
    I'm now thinking about what I could use around my house.

  2. I have an old barn frame almost just like yours that I have been wondering what to do with. I also have leftover border from my kitchen. Great idea!!

  3. LOVE that! I so wish I had taken my Grandma's knobs before they tore down her home:( I do, however, have a boatload of barnwood frames that my Grandpa had made!! I've used seeveral of them already. So neat to have those memories!


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