Recalulating, Recalculating

I have a new traveling companion. Her name is Gertie. Gertie Garmin. Gertie sits on my dash and tells me when to turn right or left and when to turn around. Only she doesn’t say, “turn around.” Whenever I make a wrong turn, she says, “Recalculating…Recalculating,” and then she begins directing me back to the route I should have taken.

Isn’t life a little like navigating with a GPS? We don’t always know which way we’re supposed to go, because reality isn’t quite as simple as the written directions. Or maybe we know what we ought to do, but we choose to do the opposite anyway. Just as with the GPS, when we navigate life decisions, we don’t have to go back to the beginning and start where we left off. Getting back on track means recalculating and moving forward from where we are, even if we regret getting there. I wonder how often God says “recalculating” when I deviate from his plan. Sometimes I wonder how long it will take for me to trust his direction instead of insisting I have a better way, but I take comfort in knowing that he is patient with my detours.

Are you on the best course for your life right now? Or are have you taken a side trip from where you know you ought to be? It’s never to late to recalculate.


Looking for a reputable GPS system? Here’s some info about Gertie:

Looking for some help navigating life?

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  1. I have fond memories of Gertie. What a helpful lady. I asked my husband if we could get a Gertie but he's not convinced we need one yet. I appreciate the insights about finding our way in life. Hope you're having a good week.

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