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Have you caught on to the hype yet? CNBC featured the trash to treasure hype in an article about the reality shows that showcase salvaged items: 

Reality TV Shows Spawn Trash-to-Treasure Craze
Admit it, you’re a dumpster diver at heart. Or at least you would be one if it were socially acceptable.
Thanks to the popularity of trash-to-treasure reality TV shows, however, you no longer need to roll up your sleeves to get your bargain-hunting fix.Indeed, the show that started it all, Antiques Roadshow,” which debuted in the U.S. some 15 years ago, has spawned a whole new breed of TV programming that uses blind bidding wars and junkyard jockeying to up the emotional ante on the thrill of the hunt
Such shows, including A&E’s Storage Wars and the History Channel’s American Pickers and Pawn Stars,” have frequently ranked among the top 10 cable shows on Nielsen Co.’s weekly TV ratings. (“Storage Wars,” in fact, in which teams of eccentric buyers make a blind bid on repossessed storage units, is the most popular series in A&E’s history.)

Their impact goes way beyond the ability to attract ad dollars, says Greg Dove of the National Flea Market Association, noting the reality-based programs have also helped level the playing field between serious collectors and the yard-sale set.

“It’s bringing in new faces, people from all economic strata,” says Dove. “We’re seeing more and more middle-class and upper-class folks coming to flea markets. Some are just curious, others are seeking collectibles and others are trying to stretch their dollar in a bad economy.”
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