Reality Check: No Exaggeration Here

I know that some people have problems with exaggeration. I’m one of those. It’s almost impossible to be a humorist and not exaggerate to some extent. But for an atypical moment today, I caught myself minimizing.

Looking in the mirror, I noted a forest of chin hairs. Bear with me here. There will be a point.

“How in the world does one little chin grow so many hairs overnight?” I asked to no one in particular.

Perhaps you’re thinking I was mistaken about minimizing as I just exaggerated about a forest of chin hairs. You haven’t seen my chin. However, you may have missed that I minimized something else. One little chin.  Have you seen my chin chins?

Little. Tiny. Petite. Not adjectives anyone has ever used to describe my chins.

What are you minimizing today? Is there something you have done to minimize the hurt you may have caused someone else? Perhaps, as I often have, you have convinced yourself that your words weren’t that big of a deal. That your criticism didn’t hurt.

Is there something you have rationalized that doesn’t reflect how God would want you to act? It isn’t too late for a reality check. And it’s never too late to try to make amends.

See? I promised I would make a point.

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