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I have to apologize for being so absent from blogging for the past few weeks. I’ve had to make family priority and that’s how is should be, right? I lost two grandparents on the same day (different sides of the family) and then, 3 days later, my aunt passed away leaving behind her husband and 3 children. There’s something about that much loss all at once that just shakes you up, and makes you think twice about what really matters. I’m so thankful for having faith that holds me together.

On a much happier note, thank you for your reader mail! I just love the letters you send, and so today, I thought I’d share a few of the links that you’ve shared with me in your letters. Your fun messages life my heart and restore my creative energy.

Ann, from Green Oak Antiques writes, “my customers would love your site!” And I know my readers would love her site. On her rehabbed furniture page, Ann has a heap of stuff that has been rescued from the trash and turned into a treasure. Here are a couple of her photos:

 Thanks Ann!

And then, I received reader mail from Stephanie who created a beautiful window with photos. She has a question for  you related to her window that will be on WWYD Wednesday next week. In the meantime, isn’t this great?

Stephanie says, “I found [this window] at a yard sale for $1.00! I had everything at home I needed.  All I had to do was print the pictures.  I have a Ralph Lauren Scarf draped around it (yard sale $2.00) and a desk lamp clamped to the top (yard sale $1.00).”

Thanks Stephanie!

Finally, I received a letter from Jane with an update to her Valentine heart from ticking fabric. Jane says, “My friend gave me the idea of using old book paper around it.  This old frame was given to me by my mother, so I was thrilled to use it.  It didn’t have any backing, so I ended up using cardboard and thumb tacks. I cut vinyl letters on my Cricut to stick on the wall.”

Isn’t that just super? I love it! Thanks for sharing Jane.

Well, that’s all for now. I’m looking forward to more reader mail. Keep it coming.


Trash to Treasure Decorating
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