Prayers for Haiti

I’ve been thinking about Haiti this week and the aftershock mentioned on the news this morning brings the people to mind again. So I’m taking a brief break from trash to treasure decorating ideas for a few days because I want to keep my mind aware of the great need over there. I started typing a decorating idea, but then it felt superficial and not so important in light of what I see on the news. I’m not judging others, just responding to my own conviction.

So, I’m opening up the blog for a few days for you to enter your prayers for Haiti and prayers for your own loved ones who are affected by this tragedy. Using the MckLinky tool below, enter your title, your prayer (250 words or less) and if you’d like, enter a link to your own blog.

I’m encouraged by the news that they are still pulling people alive out of the rubble today. And I’m praying that God continues to work miracles…Praising Him too that some children have been allowed to come to the US to meet their adoptive families!
Photo from New York Times


Trash to Treasure Decorating
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