Practical Advice on How to Clean Your Stove Top

It’s everyday Tuesday and I’d like to share a quick cleaning tip with you. If you’ve never taken  your stove top apart and cleaned it, I think it’s about time! Many people don’t realize that you can pull apart your traditional stove without damaging anything.
I just finished canning the last load of tomatoes for the season and canning can leave a lot of icky stains on the white stove top. When I put the canner away at the end of the summer, I like to give a stove a polish and shine. That’s polish, not Polish, lest those of you who have an aversion to cleaning think I was being politically incorrect.
I won’t show a before picture, I’m too ashamed of how bad it was.
Gather your tools for cleaning. Usually a soft cleanser or a powdered cleanser and a scrub pad.
 Lift up the burner and gently pull it from the socket. It’s made with ends that unplug, really!
Then remove the drip pan. The drip pan can be washed in hot soapy water that has degreaser.
Remove the knobs from the control panel and wash those in hot soapy water too.
 Then, use the scrubber and hot soapy water or soft cleanser to scrub the back panel and all around the burner openings on the stove surface.
Did you know the stove top lifts up like the hood of a car? You can clean up all of the spills from things that boiled over because they collect in the big metal drip pan under the surface. Most stoves have little props on the side to hold the stove top up for cleaning.
Then, put everything back together and enjoy the beautiful clean stove. It’s almost like getting a new one, only cheaper.
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