Pinterest Project Day 3: Sugar or Salt Dispenser

People come up with the coolest stuff and post it on their blogs. Most people might look at this next project and wonder if there really is a point. But for artsy  people like me, I appreciate the value of a cool container. 

My salt container is working just fine as it is from the grocery store. But when I saw how someone turned a mason jar into a dispenser by saving the top from an empty salt container, I couldn’t resist. After all, I figured I could use it for sugar or something that doesn’t come in a nifty dispenser.

Do you see what I mean?

I guess if I had better lighting and knew how to focus my camera, you’d see what I mean. Sorry about the crummy coloring and lack of focus. Considering my figurative lack of focus most days, a literal lack of focus isn’t all that unexpected.

To try this Pinterest project, I cut the top off a salt container.

My first attempt was sort of a fail because I traced a canning jar lid and cut it out. But I cut it a little small, and the salt leaked around the edges. I won’t show you the fail.

Instead, I’ll show you how you should leave a little lip around the edge when you cut the top off. And then, if there seems to be some extra layers of cardboard around the rim, peel those away. Tip: a wide mouth canning jar and ring work best for this. If you use a pint jar with a narrow mouth, you will have to trace a lid and cut it out (no rim possible, but still does work).

I wasn’t going to post the next photo, since it wouldn’t focus. But I’m sharing simply because I thought it looked like my salt lid got its fangs into my finger. Weird huh?

 Now, this photo gives you a better idea of the lip around the edge.

Next, just tuck that into the ring of your canning jar lid and twist it onto the jar.

Works great for sugar, salt, and other dry ingredients. It goes without saying that it’s cardboard, and not ideal for wet ingredients, right? Be sure to make a label or write the name of the contents on the lid so you don’t mix up salt and sugar. Not that I know this from experience. Cough.

I’d call this a Pinterest success!

Pinterest Project Score:
Successes – 2, Fails – 1 

Have a project you’d like to see me try from Pinterest? Leave your suggestions in the comments below and I’ll see if I can make it happen in my 31-day experiment.

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