Pinterest Project Day 2: Kale Chips

I’ve seen a zillion Pinterest pins for kale chips. Most talked about how their husbands and children who weren’t vegetable eaters just love them. So, I decided it was time to try. I used kale that was already cut and bagged.

I followed the online recipes and sprayed it with olive oil and sprinkled it with sea salt. Then I baked it.  It came out pretty crunchy, except for any stems, which were more the consistency of half-cooked broccoli. Here is what my finished kale chips looked like.

I love broccoli and cauliflower. And I like kale in salads. I’m a huge vegetable fan, so I expected to really like these.

I didn’t.

I tried. I really did. But somehow, the bitterness of the kale with the salt and the texture of the paperish crunchy parts just weren’t my favorite. 

I gave the chips a second chance by trying to make them one more time from fresh unprepped kale instead of the chopped up stuff. I burned the first batch which was awful. I tried a few more and got them golden brown. But they were not “just like potato chips” like some pinners claimed they were. They certainly would not hold up to dip at all.

So, despite the raves on Pinterest, I say this one is a fail. Even my veggie-loving self couldn’t embrace these.

Pinterest Project Score: 
Fails: 1  Successes: 1

Have you ever tried kale chips? Did you like them? Have you tried other recipes that sounded great in theory but didn’t taste quite the same as you expected?

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  1. My daughter made Kale chips but I don't remember what recipe she used. Some of us liked them and some of us didn't. I thought they were tasty but didn't know how fattening they were so didn't eat a lot of them. The leftovers stayed around for awhile.

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