Piano Bench Quick Fix

I’m a piano teacher and I had a vinyl covered bench that came with my Clavinova keyboard. However, It was just a little too tall, and for whatever reason, the metal legs combined with the vinyl top led to a lot of static, which led to complaints of itchiness in my students. Not to mention, it’s hard to keep a straight face when their hair is standing on end during lessons.
During one of my late summer yard sale excursions, I found a piano bench for $1.
It had two small rips in the cushioned top.
So I did a quick fix with some leftover upholstery fabric from my sofa and I stapled on a new cover. While I was at it, I added a little extra foam for padding too. First, I removed the top from the bend. Then, I cut the foam to size and cut the fabric a few inches larger than the bench top.
 Then, I stapled it all around and attached it back to the bench. It’s easy peasy as long as your bench top is wooden and you can put staples into it.
Here’s how it looks in my studio/office where I give lessons.
Someday, I’ll do something fancier and completely remove the old cover underneath. But this works for a quick fix for now. Oh, and I did one more thing to it. I nailed on those little plastic Magic sliders on the bottom of each leg so that it moves on the carpet easier. They were under $2 at the hardware store for a set of 4.

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