Piano Bench Made into Upholstered Footstool

Once upon a time, I bought this piano bench at a yard sale for $1. I quickly stapled some fabric over the existing seat and used it for a while at the piano. But, then I upgraded to a nicer bench and put this one in storage. Until recently. See how lumpy it looks? I fixed that. 

I wanted a footstool for when I sit in my bedroom in the wicker chair, but it had to be very small. Skinny enough to fit between the bed and the chair. So, I chopped about 6 inches off each leg on the bench, took took it apart, and took it outside to give it some spray paint.

 I painted a black base color and sprayed a crackle finish over the top.

Then, using some foam from an old couch cushion (the couch was tossed long ago, but I saved the foam), I added new padding. I also used a scrap of decorator fabric from my stash. Anyone who sews always ends up with a stash of pieces.

After I stapled the fabric around the seat, I drilled two holes in the board and poked a long needle up through, snagged a button, and poked back down through the hole. Disclaimer: it was easier said than done.

 That gave it this tufted look and ensured that the cushion foam would stay put better.

 The finished product is this little foot bench that has a storage place for books and magazines.

 And here it is with my chair.

 I love projects that cost nothing!


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  1. This is fabulous! I have an old dresser stool I will attempt to do now that I have seen your project. Thank you for the encouragement this has given me.

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