Persistence, the Opposite of Procrastination

Could it be almost a month since I posted last? It’s been pretty hard to keep up– with moving coming soon, a big paper for school due, trips up north to work on the house, and all of the usual activities added in.

In being back in school and having imposed deadlines for work to be submitted, I’m learning to let go of my habit of procrastination. Oh, I have my share of that habit still, but I’m better than before. I have realized the joy of persisting and meeting deadlines ahead of time. There is something satisfying about turning something in 6 days early and moving on to a new task.

I’m trying to set goals each week and block time for meeting them. Some weeks it is hard and I have to flex a lot, but still, it’s great to see the rewards of being organized. I’m hoping to squeeze some writing in between packing in the next few weeks!

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