Paneling- On the Ceiling?

I’ve been working on a project based on your “What Would You Do With This” ideas from a while back and I can’t wait to share my pictures when it’s done. In the meantime, I’m looking for your input for my readers who are overwhelmed with paneling. 

When we bought our home, we inherited paneling. A lot of it! In fact, in the three rooms we had paneling on the ceiling. My living room, a 24 by 35 foot space was one of those rooms. Here’s how it looked (you can only see 1/3 of the room in this picture):

Cozy, but too dark, and waaaayyy dated!

This was in the kitchen…

A few weeks ago I showed what I did with this paneling

And here is one of the bedrooms…

I didn’t do anything to that paneling yet. I’ve plastered and painted some of the paneling in my home with a special product made for plastering over paneling. However, I’ve noticed it’s cracked some with winter expanding and foundation shifting. There has to be something else I can do with the ugly paneling that remains.  At least my living room is pretty though! So today, I’m wondering….Oh, wait! You want to see that after picture don’t you!

 There you go. I painted the ceiling and plastered the walls. Essentially, after plastering 3/4 of the way around the room I was so sick of it that I decided I could live with the grooves on the ceiling.(Note on 4/26/2010: Ignore the dated upholstery on the chairs. That’s been fixed too!)

 It’s What Would You Do With This Wednesday?

So today, I’m wondering, what would you do with a house full of paneling? What have you done with paneling? Would you faux finish it? Rip it out? Cover it in some way? For the sake of all of my readers who are stuck with hideous paneling who cry “Help!” tell us what you would do.

You have 350 characters to describe your idea and be sure to include a link to your blog or photo of what you’ve done with your paneling if you have inspiration to share. Or, if you don’t have pictures, we still want to hear the description of your idea.  

4/27 Update: The new Linky Tools doesn’t allow me to rank the idea posts and name a winner. So, I’ve edited the list and labeled a post as a winner. Congrats to the reader who contributed the idea for using brown bags on paneling. Great idea! Here is a tutorial on the web for using brown bags as wallpaper.


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  1. Hi Michelle!
    Thank you for leaving a nice comment on my blog! I like Crackle too for just the right project!
    YES! I have painted and plastered paneling as well.. Your project turned out great! It's amazing what paint will do to transform a room and for little dollars spent. My mom moved into a mobile home with all paneled walls. We have tackled the porch, kitchen,bedroom, bathroom,living room and hallway… all we have left is the small spare room and there will be no visible paneling left! We made friends with the grooves in all the rooms and it makes it look a little cottagey…! We plastered an accent wall in her bedroom and after that we were convinced she could live with those grooves!
    Nice job and I look forward to seeing more of your transformations! I'll be adding a weekly post of my trash to treasure hand painted furniture projects so pop in from time to time and take a peak when you can!

    Dandelion Wishes,

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