Packing up a Packrat

Ahh the joy of packing up stuff. We are moving a load to our new house tomorrow even though we won’t be officially moved for five months. I’m packing up things I won’t need for five months but I’m starting to think, if I don’t need it for five months, do I really need it at all? Makes me wonder about thinning out some more stuff. I’m such a packrat.

I have to laugh at the “furniture” that we are bringing. We are going to use a folding banquet table or the patio table as our dining table on weekends and then the plastic patio chairs for our dining chairs. Our living room furniture up at the new house will consist of some patio lounge chairs and one sad little recliner from the basement until we move our “real” furniture. It will be like camping! My excitement is building as this will be the first time we go to the house and it is ours!! We can explore every nook and cranny. Of course the boys are even more excited than I am.

I have worked on some writing this week, resurrecting old unfinished works. It will be a thrill to get them finished.

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