Do you ever feel like everyday life is just too much? Perhaps your calendar looks like mine. I’m guessing yours is even more crowded most of the time.
Some days, I wonder why I don’t go insane. Yesterday was one of those. After a morning appointment at the courthouse with the housing commission, I chowed down a quick sandwich and yogurt and then raced off to parent teacher conferences at school. Then I drove faster than I allow my teenagers to drive to get back home for my three afternoon piano students. Before the last one was even buckled into her mom’s van, I was grabbing my purse and Bible to head in for women’s Bible study. After that, I taught one more piano lesson and then whipped up some eggs and a pancake for an 8:00 supper before making my weekly Monday night phone call to the other music coordinator from church to plan worship for Sunday. When the rest of my family got home, they cleaned out the leftovers and made up some ramen noodles for a side dish. Confession: I don’t cook on Mondays! And if that makes you think I’m a terrible wife, I’m perfectly okay with that.
I’m not a fan of Mondays because what I just described is how they typically go. I’m so thankful that I chose to relax on Sunday afternoon this week in preparation for Monday. I took a two hour nap with the Bears and Vikings game for background noise. Then I propped my feet up on the armrest of my chair and read a book. When the guys came in from hunting, we enjoyed a family movie together. By 10:00, I was conked out again.
If it weren’t for the days when I take a sabbath rest, I’d never survive a typical week. Some Sundays are just as crazy as my Mondays and I miss that rest time. Of course, I never get an entire day off (even Sunday morning I’m up early for music team), but any amount of dedicated rest time is priceless.
Do you make time to rest and refresh? How do you recharge when your calendar is packed with obligations and activity? If you don’t, I encourage you to schedule some time to relax. Soon!
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