Operation Graduation

I’ve been just a little overwhelmed in the past few weeks as we countdown to my first son’s graduation. It’s hard to believe we’ll be going through this again in two years, not because of the work that goes into it but because it’s just so hard to believe they are this old! Where did the years go?
Sometimes, it’s just hard to imagine saying goodbye and letting them go out on their own. I made the mistake of listening to a song by Michael W Smith today. I heard it years ago, and saved the lyrics somewhere in my mind. They came to the front of the crannies up in my cranium today and I searched it out on You Tube.

Friends, this wasn’t a good idea. I had a little bawl session in my office after watching it. Thought I’d share the link with you and see if you have the same reaction as I did.

Does anything really prepare a mom for letting her kids go?

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  1. Beautiful song. Now that our granddaughter is getting married next week, we're having little "bawl" sessions. They come quite naturally at these transition times…times of a kind of loss but also of great happiness and thanksgiving!

    Thinking of you. Praying for all of you.

    God bless!


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