One More Amish Author to Consider

Last week, I told about a new Amish book I had just reviewed by Laura Hilton. Thanks for the great discussion about your favorite authors. Congrats to Shannon for getting her name picked to go to the final drawing for the gift basket. The winner of the grand prize will be drawn next week from all of the bloggers who submitted names. Good luck Shannon. I hope you win!
Plain Proposal (A Daughters of the Promise Novel)I’d like to tell you about another Amish fiction writer whose book I just finished. One comment from last week mentioned Beth Wiseman. I hadn’t read any of her books, although I know she’s popular, and now I know why. I really enjoyed “Plain Proposal“. Be sure to check out Beth’s website for how you can get updates from her blog, and from facebook.
Beth Wiseman is a master of showing, not telling. She knows how to draw the reader into the story and feel like a participant. As Miriam Raber’s story unfolds, the reader has many moments to assume he or she knows how the story will turn out, but it’s likely the reader will guess wrong. Right up until the last chapter, I didn’t know How Miriam and Saul would work out their situation. I’d tell what I thought was going to happen, but then I’d give away the ending. No spoilers here!
I’ve become a little burned out on Amish fiction lately, but I loved the way Beth Wiseman writes and I enjoyed this story. It’s clear she researches and in the story, she even points out some of the Pennsylvania Deitsch phrases that are commonly misused by “Englishers” who assume the Amish use them all the time. At last, a writer who avoids just copying what other Amish writers use! Instead, Beth consults her Amish friends for accuracy and is shows in her story.
The one thing I didn’t enjoy as much about the book was that it didn’t deviate far from the classic Amish story line of teens in rumschpringe who have to decide between remaining Amish or exploring the English world. Still, the author gave the story her own twists and made it a pleasant read.
I highly recommend this book for anyone who enjoys Amish fiction and even more, enjoys authors who write Amish fiction well. There are many authors popping up who write in this genre, but not all do it as well as Wiseman.
I received this book for review purposes from the Amazon Vine program. My reviews are objective and honest.
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