Ocean-Deep Thankfulness

It’s Thanksgiving week. Not turkey week. Not Black Friday week. Not deer hunting week. Well, it’s all of those things but over all of them, it’s the week to give thanks to God. It’s so easy to get distracted and think of the external things. I know. I’ve been distracted lately. My laptop crashed and I’m still waiting for the data and it’s easy to become wrapped up in obsessing about getting back my data. It’s easy to get lost in my own pity over the inconvenience of having to get it repaired or spend money on the recovery. It’s easy to forget that there a much more important things in life than computers and files!

As I think about giving thanks to God, sometimes my thankfulness is so shallow. My kiddie pool of thankfulness goes as deep as, “Thank you Lord for my house, my car, my bank account…”. But I overlook God’s grace as deep as an ocean. I overlook the patience of my loving family and the incredible gift of their support. Today as I splash around in my wading pool of superficial concerns, I’m reflecting on how much the stuff doesn’t matter. Day-after-Thanksgiving sale…not even going to look at the ads. Computer repair guy…take all the time you need. I’m taking a step deeper and looking for the real blessings that God has given me, and I’m swimming out towards the whitecaps in search of something worthy of deep gratitude.

I’m praising God for Jesus Christ and the gift of salvation. I’m thanking God that I live in a free country where I can boldly proclaim that I love Jesus without fear of imprisonment. I’m giving thanks that the struggles I experience right now are nothing in light of the glorious future that God has planned for me in heaven someday.

What are you thankful for today? See if you can dive below the surface of material things and possessions to look for lasting blessings.

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