New Feature- What Would You Do With This?

I’m really excited because I’ve come up with a new feature for the Trash to Treasure site!

Today is my first What Would You Do With This Wednesday!  
(WWYD Wednesday)
 Here’s how it works. I’ll post a picture of something on a Wednesday, and then you have a week to tell me what you would do with it to turn it from trash to treasure. Using MckLinky, you’ll be able to post your idea and then I’ll be able to rank your ideas and announce my top favorite ideas. After a week, I’ll close the list and announce a winner. You’ll be able to continue to comment on the post, even though the MckLinky list will close.

If it’s possible, I’ll try your idea and post my results sometime later. And if it fits my budget, once in a while I’ll offer a prize for my favorite idea. Otherwise, I’ll tweet the name of the winner along with a link to your blog and send you some free traffic.

So are you ready for a challenge? Here’s my first What Would You Do picture. A friend of mine has a piano that has been deemed unfixable. Yeah, I know it’s sad. So we’re wondering, what can we do with it so that we don’t have to dump it in a landfill? Is there some way that we can use the wood for something? Maybe make something from the keys or the hammers? I don’t know. But I’m hoping you have a great idea!

The piano looks exactly like this one:

Thank you for all of the great ideas! The entries are all below, and our first What Would You Do With This winner is Heather. Keep the ideas coming next week.


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  1. Thanks so much for picking me as winner. This is my first time getting into sharing of ideas with different decorating blogs. I have been doing some thrift to treaure stuff around my house, or spray painting stuff, due to inspiration by you and many others. I don't have anything posted about it on my blog, except one craft idea. Just finding time to be creative around the house is time consuming enough without having to take pictures and then blog about it. Can't wait to see what you do with the old piano!

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