My Trash to Treasure Weekend – Plus a Yard Art Idea

I have been shamefully absent from blogging all week but I was prepping for a speaking event and just had to let something go. Oops, now I’ve made you feel unimportant. Really, my readers are very important. But once in a while my head begins spinning around and I have to set something aside before I go completely crazy.
I did a seminar at the retreat on Trash to Treasure decorating. 
I move around a lot when I speak…thus the strange expression on my face and the blurry hands. 🙂
I showed many of the slides from my website as well as some objects from my home. I had a wonderful time with the ladies! The rest of my sessions tied into the T2T theme and I talked about the treasures of the heart. So often, we appreciate before and after pictures of T2T finds, but we don’t embrace the difficulties we go through in life as hidden treasures.
This weekend, one of the ladies who attended the retreat made me a T2T yard ornament. She glued a bud vase to the bottom of a thrift store plate and added a sun plaque. The bud vase slips over a dowel for outdoor display.
Isn’t that cool? Thanks Eileen for the gift! She made others too and each one was unique. Eileen says she used Goop as the glue for her creations. Just be sure to get the sports and outdoor kind.

Trash to Treasure Decorating
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