Muted Monday – Photo of the Week

Winter arrived with a bang this weekend in Northern Wisconsin.


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  1. Wow. How do you do it? Does the city just close down completely? How could anyone get to work in that? Do you have to use your sick days if you dont go into work. Thats just nuts amount of snow!

    It was 70 here in Houston, Texas yesterday. Today it's 57 and I'm freezing my butt off!

  2. Amanda,
    We're used to it. Plus, we seldom ever get this much snow at a time. Yes, everything shuts down when we get that much! Even the mall shut down. Pretty much the only thing left open is emergency services. If it's really bad, they doctors and nurses can get to work by snowmobile. When I used to work as a nurse, it wasn't unusual to work a double shift if someone couldn't get in thru the snow.

  3. I just cannot even imagine that much snow and the energy it must take to get around. This is coming from a warm weather person who thinks anything under 70 is cold! Have a wonderful holday!

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