Metal Cabinet Makeover With Wallpaper

I decided to continue with the theme of projects that use up leftover wallpaper from Tuesday.
My friend who also did the fabulous faux finish of her floor let me take pictures of this cabinet that she made over. It’s an antique metal cabinet and I’m not sure if it was a laundry cabinet, medicine cabinet, or something else originally (please let me know if you know what to call it!). It has a towel bar on the bottom, so it naturally lent itself to a bathroom piece. Sorry, I don’t have a before picture, since I discovered this in her bathroom while visiting and it was already done.
She painted the metal to prevent it from rusting and then she applied wallpaper to the cabinet front and sides. Her wallpaper had little vignettes all over so it was easy to choose and cut a picture from it. I like how she framed it out with contrasting paint.
The sides were the perfect width for leftover pieces of border.
If you have a similar piece and you’re looking for a reasonably priced makeover, why not look for wallpaper scraps? Or you could try using decoupage and wrapping paper or other printed paper. Just remember, if it’s in a high-moisture area like the bathroom with a shower, give it some coats of decoupage for a clear coat or some Polycrylic finish. 

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