Looking back at 2005

Farewell 2005. It has been a year to remember. A year of hello’s. We said hello to a new adventure and accepted a ministry position at Arrowhead Bible Camp and began our support raising. We embraced new challenges with God’s grace. I became a full-time student all over again and said hello to deadlines, assignments and grade point averages. We said said hello to the unknown and learned to accept that some things we just don’t fully understand until God is ready for us to see clearly.

It was also a year of goodbye’s. We said our final goodbye to Phil’s mom in October after a long slow year of saying goodbye to her. We said goodbye to “familiar” and set out on a new track. We said goodbye to financial freedom with an unexpected sense of joy. We said goodbye to our will and traded it for a new reliance on God’s perfect will.

With all of the personal growth that has happened in 2005, how can we not step into 2006 with a sense of awe and wonder at what might be still to come? We will say goodbye to our life in Pittsville and say hello to our new life in New Auburn. Our new home. New church. New friends. Whatever the next year brings, it is certain to follow the same spirit of adventure that has characterized our past. And we will carry on.

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