Lion of Babylon by Davis Bunn

After reading several of Davis Bunn’s latest books, I was excited when his publicist asked if I would review Lion of Babylon before it hits the shelves. You might remember Davis Bunn from when he went by T. Davis Bunn. He worked with Janette Oke on several writing projects, including The Damascus Way, which I reviewed a little while ago.

However, it’s Davis’s solo work that I’ve enjoyed the most. Packed with action and adventure, his writing keeps the reader right in the story waiting for the next tense moment. Let me tell you a little about Lion of Babylon and be sure to watch the book trailer below.

About the Book
Marc Royce has been a State Department agent involved in covert operations–that is, until personal issues lead to his dismissal.

When Alex Baird goes missing in war-torn Baghdad, State comes calling again. Alex is a CIA agent–and a close friend of Royce. Three others have also dropped out of sight–a nurse, an aid worker, a wealthy young Iraqi. Are these cases linked? Rumors circulate about a kidnapping conspiracy, yet both American and local officials refuse to pursue it.

Blocked at every turn, Royce eventually unearths a trail of secret encounters between sworn enemies. What he discovers could transform the course of rivalry and reconciliation throughout the Mideast. As the human and political drama escalates, can one man summon the courage to make a difference?

My Review

When I closed the last page of the book, I think I actually tasted the desert sand of Iraq and felt the searing heat of the sun. In Lion of Babylon, Davis Bunn takes the readers on an action-packed adventure to the middle east. Marc Royce is on special assignment to find several missing Americans in Iraq, and he’s driven by his personal connection to one of them. The story is full of twists and turns, leaving the reader wondering right up to the end if certain events are related to one another.

The story had just the right balance of faith content blended with mystery and history. Readers will gain a better understanding of Christians in the Middle East, and increase their awareness about the different religious and political parties in Iraq. I enjoyed Davis Bunn’s writing style, and he does a good job of blending description, narrative, and dialogue. His writing isn’t preachy even though he clearly demonstrates the life-changing affects of biblical faith.

At first, I had some difficulty following the story until the paths of the two characters at the beginning of the book finally crossed paths. Then it made more sense. I think some readers might have a little problem with how perfect the character Marc Royce comes across. It’s as though he’s incapable of failure and he possesses a magnetic likability that is almost supernatural. Despite this, I still enjoyed the story line very much. However, I would be curious to find out how people more connected with the Middle East would feel about Royce, an American, being the hero and savior so many Iraqis.

It’s obvious that Davis Bunn has researched this book well and I could totally see this made into a movie. It’s a very timely subject and culturally relevant in light of current world events.

I received a copy of this book from the author’s publicist in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Book Trailer

The book comes out on July 1st, but you can get order your copy ahead and it will ship as soon as it comes out. This is one of those books that both men and women will enjoy.

Tomorrow, I’ll feature an interview with the author as well as a link to the first chapter.

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