Life With Lord Byron- A Review

A little while ago, I ran a couple of guest blog posts by Peggy Nelson that were excerpts of her book, “Life With Lord Byron.” I promised a review, and the book surprised me.
At first, I thought “Life with Lord Byron” would simply be a biography of Byron Nelson. Not knowing who he was, and not being anything of a golf fanatic, I figured I’d have some difficulty getting through the book. However, the book was different from my expectations. What it really is, is a picture of a true gentleman.

Written by Nelson’s widow Peggy, it’s the story of romance, respect, and generosity. It’s not so much about golf as it is about life and living it well. I enjoyed the story and the photos. Peggy Nelson is open about the age difference between her and Byron and she portrays an unlikely romance that blossomed despite the odds. The book also includes a CD recording of Byron re-living his record streak of 11 PGA Tournaments.

The book has a quality cover and binding for an independently published book. If there is a drawback to the book, it rambles just a little and could benefit from some organization. However, the charm of the story off-sets this well. Also, the retail cost is high because of the CD, the independent publisher, and the quality of the binding.

Readers will be inspired by Byron Nelson’s faith and his unbelievable generosity. Peggy wrote the book after he passed away, but his legacy lives on in the people he touched.

I received this book from Kathy Carlton Willis Communications, Peggy Nelson’s publicist, in exchange for my fair and honest review.
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