Launching the New Year with a New Blog Look

I’ve been working on updating my website and both blogs over the past few weeks. I’m excited to relaunch this one as well as and with similar, yet different looks that link them all together better.

I’m tweaking the designs a bit yet, but all sites are functional. Yay! When my guys want to watch an action movie, my laptop becomes my friend as I click away while they watch. Since it’s Christmas break, I have four guys in my house. Which translates to lots of mouse clicking time and not a lot of romantic comedies. Thus, my increase in productivity and the web redesigns. Grin.

This year, on Faith Creativity Life, I’m continuing the book posts and reviews, but I’m setting up a more diligent schedule for the other blog content that I’ve neglected over the past months. I’ve rearranged the weekly topical schedule a bit:

Monday– Photo of the Week (something from my camera that might inspire you)

Tuesday– Faith and Inspiration (thoughts to help you grow in faith)

Wednesday-Everyday & Practical Topics (tips for organizing, home life, etc.)

Thursday– Book Reviews (my thoughts on what I just finished reading)

Friday – Creative Ideas (crafty, artsy, DIY posts to boost your creativity)

Watch my next post for a special feature I’m doing in January! 


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