Lamp Needs a Makeover – What Would You Do?

Normally, I feature What Would You Do with This? questions on Wednesdays. But this time, it’s a friend emergency. My friend’s thoughtful mother-in-law got her a lamp to replace one that she has been wanting to change out. I really do mean thoughtful, and not sarcastically. Her MIL found it at a thrift sale. I think it has a lot of charm, but it doesn’t quite fit my friend’s style. So, to honor her sweet MIL, my friend really wants to make this work in her home.

She isn’t sure yet what she would change about it, but she wants something changed. I will give you a whole bunch of shots of different angles of this hanging lamp, and maybe you can help me come up with something do with it. She’s given me permission to do whatever it takes. 

 So, what would you do? Leaving it white is not an option. And the paint is built up to the point where I think I will have to strip it with a water-based stripper. Where there are chips in the paint, I can see some shiny silver-colored metal. It’s pretty heavy, so I’m thinking maybe it’s stainless steel?

There is a close-up of the chain below. I think I will need to paint it or something, as the gold isn’t very attractive. I could remove the power cord, but only if I have my husband unwire it from the lamp and I pull it out of the chain links.


There you go. Have at it! I can’t wait to hear your ideas. And this isn’t some hypothetical thing either. I’m going to be choosing an idea and carrying out the makeover. 


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  1. I wouldn't keep it as a lamp… my first thoughts were to gut the electric stuff out of it. Strip the old paint off. Repaint it in a bright cheerful color (or whatever color would suit her decor) then turn it into a planter with moss and soil… possibly a succulent garden … a different type of seedum for each little window… it would be cute hanging on a porch or patio or off a fence post.

  2. I would leave it as a lamp and strip the paint off, paint it matte charcoal and insert negatives in the spaces around the lamp that way when the light is turned on you can see the images on the negatives

  3. Just saw this… I would leave it white for myself… and if possible remove the whole cage outer section (too gothic for me) and leave the center section where the candles rest. If the trim part that looks like a little fence could go – that would help alot … but just my opinion. We all have such different tastes. Great ideas on your blog.

  4. I could see it as a bird cage. You could paint it and add moss and then put some cute fake birds like a mushroom bird in it or metal birds are popular too.

  5. What about turning it into some kind of bird cage? Painting it and adding moss and putting some cute fake mushroom birds or metal birds are popular too.

  6. Painting it with a high gloss red enamel would be a bold statement. I like the idea of converting lamps to lanterns that hold candles. That way they can be indoor or outdoor.

  7. I would keep it as a lamp, strip the paint off and paint it matte charcoal and insert negatives in the spaces around the lamp that way when the light is turned on you can see the images from the negatives

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