It’s Creativity Wednesday

Anything trash to treasure revs up my creativity, but you don’t have to be super crafty to create something. Really, you don’t. I know some of you doubt me right now. But let me show you some projects that might inspire you to attempt to create something. I promise, they don’t use glue or power tools. 
If you’re anything like me, you have a ton of old purses stashed somewhere and most of them have flaws that have rendered them useless as a purse anymore. But you keep them because they are cute or you can’t part with something that cost that much. How about this idea from Cap Creations?
Or, how about this framed scrapbook paper. Just spraypaint and some decorative paper make a wall hanging that looks like a million bucks. I found this example on the Finding Fabulous blog.
I bet you can tie a knot! If so, then you can make this rag wreath designed by the Homemade Mamas. Just tear of cut strips and tie them on.
For the bakers out there, aren’t these pool ball cupcakes by A Crafty Escape a fun way to make a birthday cake? I suppose an electric mixer technically counts as a power tool, however, I think these are great.
Got your creative juices flowing now? We’d love to see pictures of what you create. Just send a photo by e-mail and I’ll feature it on a future Creativity Wednesday. 
Isn’t it amazing how God can give us the creativity to come up with so many different ideas? It blows my mind when I see what people can make. If our finite minds can create so much variety, doesn’t that tell us something about the infinite mind of the Creator who made each of us unique?
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