I Stumped My Readers!

Ceiling Tile Inspiration

I officially stumped my readers with last week’s What Would You Do With This Wednesday. I asked what you would do with old tin ceiling tiles and guess what? No one had an answer to add to the two ideas I gave. So, I thought it would be good to search the web for some other ideas to give you. 

Whether you have old tin tile, rusty tiles, new tiles, or brand new imitation tile made of plastic, you might be inspired to create something of you own. 

The first idea comes from Robojunker.

 Photo from www.robojunker.com
This is a piece of salvage crown molding that has been covered in salvaged ceiling tin. 

Vintage Indie has this sweet memo board featured. I could enjoy that as a magnetic board in my home!
Photo belongs to Vintage Indie
Karen at My Desert Cottage has another take on the same idea in this photo from her blog:

 So, what else can you do with tin? HGTV has lots of ideas.
The roof on this sweet little birdhouse is made from recycled tin by Shannon Quimby. (Photo from HGTV.com) Now, I’m wishing I had bought that old tin I saw at the junk shop! Shannon made these cute little flower pockets…
 And she edged the front of this table…
Junk Sophisticate really did make that junk into something sophisticated. They have a fantastic tutorial for making this beautiful ceiling tile art. I love how it is free-floating.
It looks cool as the backing for a cabinet too. Forever Interiors demonstrates it in this photo from their website.
The tiles make a beautiful wall collage as seen on this photo from Plum Tree Antiques:
If you have the right tools, you can copy this mirror from Cherry Hill Cottage.
 Lastly, Heidi from Birds of a Feather shows how she took a tile and framed it out to make a ceiling medallion for a chandelier. 
Well, I hope you’ve found some inspiration from these talented crafters. I know my creative wheels started spinning when I started researching. If you come up with an idea, you can still share by commenting below, even though the WWYD post is closed.

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  1. Hi Michelle,
    Thanks for all the inspiration on the ceiling tiles. I saw the original wwyd post but never commented, because I really can't think of anything I hadn't seen done already! I've framed an old tile in the past, and really like the look. Just wasn't an original idea.
    Are we supposed to link a blog post up when we answer on that forum?
    Sorry to bug you with questions, just wondering for next time. I sure hate to see that not one person had an idea for you!

  2. Wish I would have read last week…I have been so busy I have not blogged or read a single blog. I am working with ceiling tiles now and have a few different ideas other than what pictured.

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