I Love a Good Bargain

I just love a good bargain. But you know what I love even more? Friends who celebrate a good bargain with me. I hope you can feel my pain when I tell you I live in a household of 3 guys. They aren’t so much into celebrating good bargains.

Just to give him credit, my husband does say, “Nice job, honey,” and gives me a pat on the back when I show him a great deal I got. But he’s just never going to get to the point where he says, “No way! Get out of here. That is an amazing deal,” followed by a high-five and a happy dance. Nor will he say, “Sweet, show me more.” He’s usually looking at me with that helpless, I’ve-got-to-get-away-from-her-before-she-talks-me-to-death look. I know, I’m a nut job. But bargains are so fun!

So, I just have to share a couple of the great deals I got on post New Years sales this week. You’ll do a happy dance for me, right!

Something like the one I bought at Target

I’ve considered replacing our artificial Christmas tree with something that is smaller and doesn’t have to be set up branch by branch. I’ve had it for 15 years, so when I did the math, I figured it cost me $6.18 per year for our Christmas tree. Not bad, huh? Well I was in Target and they had Christmas trees at 75% off on January 2nd and I replaced my tree for just $38.75. I figure if I can get 16 years out of this one, it would cost only $2.42 per year. Oh yeah. That’s the kind of bargain I like. Plus, it was one of the kind with pinecones stuck on it, the kind I wanted. Bonus.

It’s a slim tree. So it will take up less space and at least something in our house will be “slim” during the holidays.

I was also excited to replace my tacky wreath with a new one for $6.25 and pick up some gift bags for next year for 25 cents. I’d have bought Christmas cards for next year, but I had already purchased 2 years worth last year at 75% off. I decided I didn’t need to become a Christmas card hoarder and passed up the deals this year.

Then, when I was checking out, I found a missing $25 gift card we’d received from our insurance company for installing a teen safe driver camera a few months ago (something my teen boys didn’t find quite as exciting as I did). So, I was able to apply that to my purchases. Double bonus.

Over at Sam’s Club, I tried not to squeal in delight when I found red and green plastic disposable cups for just 1.91 (down from $9.98) for 160 cups. That comes to just a little more than a penny per cup and we couldn’t care less if they are red and green. I resisted the urge to purchase more than two packages. Again, hoarding crossed my mind. Those TV shows on hoarders keep people like me from getting carried away with bargains.

42 Cents

Finally, I toodled on over to Walmart and was happy to find red damask tablecloths on clearance. Last year, I bought some for our church for women’s events, but we were a few short yet, so when I found them on clearance for $2.25 each, I was able to expand our stash.

Since, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t go so far as to do the happy dance for the candy canes or Christmas confetti cake mixes I got at 75% off, I’ll spare you the details show a picture.

Are you feeling vicariously satisfied because of my bargains? Then I’ve done my job and left you with a happy sigh. Now go out and find your own deals and stop by and tell me about them. I’ll dance for  you.

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  1. yeah for after Christmas shopping!!! The cups were my favorite find of yours and wish I could get some:)

  2. I think it is in our blood somehow. I have fought the urge to be out rummaging through the Christmas clearance stuff, but only because I am trying to practice the phrase: I HAVE ENOUGH! But I am known to go through target to find ALL clearance endcaps and aisles…mom taught us well!!! I do remember though how my husband told me the first month that we were married that he liked the "real" brand of cola and I had bought the Walmart brand! I still can't see the difference 🙂

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