How to Plan for Successful Flea Market Shopping

Flea Market and Garage Sale season is coming. In fact, it has already arrived in many areas. I’m still buried in many inches of snow in the northwoods, and it will be a while before we get into sale season.

No matter when your season begins, it’s never too early to plan ahead. House of Harvest has a great post with tips for successful flea market and yard sale shopping. From planning ahead, to what to bring, to how to shop and bargain, this post has it all.

Here’s a photo of blog owner Lindsea on her blog. Can you see her in the flea market version of a Where’s Waldo photo? Hint: she’s that adorable thing right in the middle of the photo.

Now, hop over to House of Harvest and check out Lindsea’s great post.


Trash to Treasure Decorating
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  1. Thanks for sharing. I definately will check out her post. Got cabin fever so bad and need to get out and start rummage saling. My head definately does the chicken neck turn everytime I spot a rummage garage sale sign

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