How Has Cecil Murphey’s Writing Touched Your Life?

Some writers touch more people than they’ll ever know…

I’ve been so encouraged by Cec’s teaching and speaking on more than one occasion. He has a dear heart for God, and a passion for writers. So I thought it would be fun to take the time to encourage Cec!

If you’re a reader and you’ve read a book by Cecil Murphey, comment below and tell us which book you read and what stands out for you from that book. Or if you’re a writer and you’ve heard Cec speak at a writers conference, read his advice on a blog, or been encouraged by him in any other way, tell us about that experience.

I’ll forward a link to Cec so he can read our comments as well.

Comments on this and the other blog entries about Cec are eligibe for the drawing to have one blogger’s name entered into a drawing sponsored by Cec’s publicist for a gift pack including “When God Turned Off the Lights.”
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  1. I appreciated his October newsletter so much. We are so quick to judge others by our standards and not look at them from God's perspective, made as a unique creation in His image. We automatically judge people by our standards instead of from a biblical perspective and without understanding what they have experienced in their lives. Like the Indian saying goes, judge no man until you have walked a mile or so in their moccasins. Something to that effect. Thanks for reminding us of our automatic default mode when we judge a book by its cover when God looks at the heart of the person.

  2. Time after time, I've seen Cec's generosity with aspiring writers. He's a legend, but he's kind and gentle when needed, and blunt when needed too. It's a rare quality to be a curmudgeon (a title he's given himself) and a teddy bear all in one.

  3. I'm a newbie to the world of writing and have joined TWV2 where Cec willingly draws from the well of experience and knowledge and generously shares it with those of us who have a lot to learn.

    It's one thing to be a man who has accomplished so much for the glory of the Lord, but Cec, the constant Curmudgeon, loves helping others do the same…even those he doesn't know.

  4. About every year or so my wanderings cross Cec Murphey’s path. Throughout the past eight years he has mentored me at an ACW conference, corresponded through e-mail, shared a meal at the Blue Ridge conference, contributed to my growth through online groups like TWV2, served on the same conference staffs as I progressed as a writer, and more. I wrote him recently and said, “God keeps letting our paths cross and each time you have given me words to grow by, to encourage me, to come alongside and show God's love. Thank you, Cec! Thank you.”

    The man behind the words uses his words to teach and help. Yet none of the instances I mentioned occurred with my nose in one of his books. Imagine my surprise a few years ago when I realized one of the Bible study guides I hung on to from the 80s was written by Cec. I made the discovery when sharing with my college students for devotions. My college students also are required to read *Gifted Hands.* On our end table sits *90 Minutes in Heaven* a gift from my in-laws, a gift of comfort when their son — my husband’s brother — passed away in 2008.

    So Cec speaks words into my life and he writes words that impact my life. Thank you, God, for this man who obeyed Your call to use words for Your glory.

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