Homeward- A Book Review

Just a few days ago, I introduced you to a new book from author Melody Carlson. Now, I’d like to introduce you to another of her books. This book is a RITA award winner.
HomewardIn Homeward, by Melody Carlson, Meg Lancaster discovers it’s never too late to come home. Meg has avoided her family for twenty years, but now, she’s ready to return to her Oregon hometown before her grandmother passes. She’s also about to discover that her mother, whom Meg has never understood, has changed in unexpected ways. As Meg renovates her grandfather’s overgrown cranberry marsh back into a producing farm, the cranberry bogs aren’t the only things that undergo a major transformation. By facing the past square on, Meg discovers things aren’t always as they seem, and she finds the emotional healing she’s needed for so long.
I enjoyed the story and I thought the details related to growing cranberries were accurate. Since my husband worked for a cranberry grower for 11 years and we lived right in the bogs, I was impressed with the attention to that detail. I also enjoyed the characters and the interactions between them. The story had a touch of mystery too, and that made the story interesting.
I think what makes this and Melody Carlson’s other books so great is that she knows how to write a story with characters that are real and flawed. They experience tragedy, they question their faith, they grieve, and they let stubborn pride get in the way of relationships. This story is no different. But the permeating theme of the book is grace. Anyone who has ever experience the need for forgiveness, grace and healing will enjoy this story.
I received a free Kindle version of the book from Glass Road PR for review purposes, and it’s been re-released since the print novel first came out 14 years ago. 
You can purchase the Kindle version of this book for just $2.99 right now. Other e-book formats available for $2.99 as well.
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