Editing and Proofreading

Whether you need extensive editing work, or a quick proofread, my years of learning the craft of writing will go to work for you. I’ll give you suggestions for ways you can strengthen your content and fix weak sentence structure. I’ll track changes so you can approve changes.

Proofreading Books

· Typographical errors
· Grammar
· Punctuation
· Formatting consistency

Copyediting/Thorough Edit

· All of the above, plus…
· Tone
· Flow
· Dialogue
· Word choice
· Tense
· Point of view
· Sentence structure
· Clarity

Substantive Edit

· All of the above, plus…
· Restructuring for transitions
· Organization of content
· Restructuring for presentation


  • Book editing is billed by the word
    • Proofread - $0.01 per word
    • Copy edit (most typical) - $0.015 to 0.02 per word, depending on amount of editing needed
    • Substantive edit - $0.03 per word
  • Smaller projects (articles, blogs) are billed by the hour with a $25 minimum per project.



We reserve the right to evaluate the content of materials before entering into an agreement for editing services. Content or subject matter that does not align with our mission and values will be kindly declined.