Healthy Living Series – Book Review

In episode 13 of the podcast and vlog, I introduced a 3-in-1 book called Healthy Living Series  from author Susan Neal that includes the following titles all bound into one book:

1. 7 Steps to Get off Sugar and Carbohydrates
2. Christian Study Guide for 7 Steps to Get off Sugar and Carbohydrates
3. Healthy Living Journal

I’m here to share my thoughts about the book with readers.

I like that the book includes practical steps that also incorporate spiritual principles. It’s important to me to have concrete actionable processes, and this book delivers. It is also full of ideas, recipes and planning tips.

Healthy Living Series includes seven action steps for getting off sugar and carbohydrates. This is a process I’ve been working on for several years. One of the seven steps includes acquiring a support system. I have found this to be a huge success factor in my own health journey. I have a Christian friend who I check in with weekly. I tell her everything. I love that this is a huge part of Susan’s program.

In the “clean out” chapters, Susan talks about the refrigerator and the pantry, but she also spends significant time discussion cleaning out emotions. I resonated with this info, since I think that’s where the final battle in the health struggle occurs. After figuring out the “what” of eating, we really need to understand the “why” of our behavior.

Healthy Living Series includes many forms and charts to fill out and places to journal and record information. With the meal plans, Susan gives some examples of how this played out in her own family. This is helpful. I also like the assessments that are intended to be done at the beginning and then several months later. Examining how you feel before and how you feel after some changes is helpful. This includes sleep, emotions, physical symptoms, and more!

Overall, this 3-in-1 book is packed with info. The two things that is missing that I wish it included are: 1) A comprehensive table of contents that includes the chapters of all three books. 2) a topical index in the back with terms from all three books. Having these two elements would make it so much easier to find the specific topics I’m looking for.

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