Happy Birthday to My Boys

Nineteen years ago today, I became a mother. Seventeen years ago, I became a mother again. Having two boys born on the same day has been a fun adventure. They are best friends and they get along so well. Even as teenagers, they’ve been fun to raise. 
I know, that doesn’t even sound normal for me to say. But raising teenagers isn’t always as awful as it’s cracked up to be. Every so often, you’ll meet someone who says their teenagers are a delight. I’m one of them. Please don’t hate me. I didn’t do anything to deserve these sweet boys. I know that God gave them to me and he showed me much grace when they became teenagers.
Perhaps God’s blessing reflects my own lack of patience. Sometimes I wonder if he said, “That gal has a lively temper and a low tolerance level. Give her two boys who will help her manage her weaknesses.” Or maybe he said, “Her husband has his hands full already with her. Let’s give him two boys as a reward.”
 Of course, they aren’t perfect by any means. They like to pick on their dear old mom. And sometimes, they butt heads with me. Sometimes they lick their plates when I’m not looking. And sometimes they leave their bathroom looking like a truck stop restroom for my piano student moms to use. Most of the time, their rooms are carpeted with dirty laundry (not sure why we actually put carpet down if they walk on their clothes anyway).
However God worked it out, I’m thankful for them. To all the moms who are struggling to get through the teen years, I’m praying that God give you all the strength and patience that I lack. I give you more credit than you can imagine for being such great moms!

Thanks for letting me have my little moment to celebrate my boys’ birthday today.

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  1. Congratulations, Michelle. You did a great job raising them. Sure God has His hand in everything we encounter, but your sons wouldn't be who they are without their mom.
    I love the picture of the boys; I just love the hats. I am so jealous. It has always been like pulling teeth to get my kids together for a picture.

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