Guest Room Makeover with White Pickle Glazed Furniture

When we moved out of our room and turned our son’s former room into a master bedroom, we gained a guest room. I turned our old tiny bedroom into a guest room. When we lived in it, we could barely walk around the queen-sized bed with our two dressers in the room. Now, with a smaller bed I was able to create a pleasing and inviting arrangement.

 The metal bed was a freebie a neighbor was tossing out.


I had before and after photos of this dresser. But I seem to have misplaced them. Or deleted them. Oops. I painted them white, glazed with antique brown, and sealed with paste wax.

I hauled my sewing cabinet into the guest room from another room since it matched the other furniture and it’s a great place to do a quick mend on something in there.

Proof that even an odd arrangement can work if the furniture is monochromatic.

The chair is part of a set that I purchased at a yard sale. I love white wicker and it’s inviting in the guest room as a place to set a tote bag, a place to sit to put on shoes, or a place to read a book.

Just in case you’re worried about where we booted my son to in order to gain a guest room…He seldom comes home from college, so he moved to a smaller den we have on the lower level, leaving an extra room on the main level. I haven’t had a guest room since giving birth 21 years ago. A strange new phase of life, this empty nesting.


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