Good Friday- It Isn’t An Item on a Checklist

I’ve been going crazy for the past week with trying to get things done for this weekend. We’ll travel a little, gather a few different times for celebrations, and attend 3 different church services. But when Monday arrives, I hope when I look back, I won’t discover that I have treated Easter as just another item on my checklist. 

I’ve been so busy prepping music for the services and making food for the celebrations that I haven’t stopped to see those church services as anything but another item. So right now, I’ve taken a few minutes to remind myself of the meaning of this weekend. How do you feel about it in your heart right now?

Driving home after the rain- Easter weekend 2010

I recall an Easter some years ago when I wasn’t excited about attending the Good Friday service. I was in a mood, and I didn’t particularly care to hear the guest preacher who would be doing the service. My husband took the boys and went without me. But I knew I couldn’t let the day pass without dealing with my heart issues.

After the family left, I got out a CD collection of songs about the passion of Christ and opened my Bible. I listened to the songs and read the account of the crucifixion in all 4 gospels. 

It turned out to the the most meaningful Good Friday ever for me. That time alone was just what I needed to get my heart and my mind in the right place.

If you’re struggling with your attitude about this weekend, you might consider having some personal worship time where you let the story of Jesus’ sacrifice sink in. Music is a great tool too, and there are tons of songs available for listening on the internet, if you don’t have CD’s. Reading the story straight from scripture, you might just discover something you hadn’t noticed. This morning, I read something I had forgotten about. When Jesus died and curtain tore in two, many tombs were opened and people came back to life. Cool!

Sometimes, the traditional church service isn’t what we need…it might just be some time alone with God. This year, I’ll attend church with the family, but I don’t want to see it as one more think to cross off my list.

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